Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mycillium and The phenomenon of "reality"

Yes, this is turning into a pure philosophy blog.

SO. I've been on a raw foods diet now for 2 months for health reasons. One of my favorite cookbooks is Gabriel Cousens' Rainbow Green Live food cuisine. Not only is the food great, but you feel good after you eat it. I have some influenced recipes on my other blog (www.karensrawkitchen.blogspot.com)

 Anyway, the first half of his book is all about different diseases/ailments and how raw foods can cure them. I don't know if that's necessarily true but that's the assertion. The guy is an MD so I don't know whether that makes him more credible  or less so. His main premise, as I ascertain it, is that the majority of people have fungus living in their blood. Apparently the way he developed this hypothesis was to take a 'field microscope' with him all the time. The craving for sugar and sweets -according to him- is due to the needs of the fungi. The waste of the fungi, mycotoxins are what he claims to cause most ailments.

I started thinking about this. Last year, I kept getting mushrooms popping up in my yard. Not 'toadstools' but 'stinkhorns'. They are nasty and gooey and stink to high heaven. My dog loved to gobble them up. Disgusting. So I started to research the whole 'mushroom' thing. Apparently the mushrooms are just the 'fruiting body' of the mycylium. The main part of the mushroom is tiny hair thin (or less) strands in the earth. So pulling them up is like picking the apples off a tree to try and get it to die. Not happening.

So what if we were to view this whole construct of 'reality' as a structure similar to this "mycilium web" ( for lack of a better term). If we and the events of our lives are the 'fruiting bodies' and the web connects us to all of the other fruiting bodies, then we have a biologically based visual for interdependence.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Still into love... More so than ever actually....

I just started another blog called 'News from the Water' and realized that the content totally fit this blog as well.

The news was
' Use your Love as a Salve for your eyes'.
When I hear this I think of my heart as a beautiful perfume box. Why do we often make love our agenda or attach agendas to it? Can't we just revel in it?

So sit back and think of something in your head that just 'sends you'. Is it a glass of really good wine? Skydiving? Singing? Things like this we can only enjoy on a limited basis. If you had unlimited access to these things (make sure that they are things you won't easily tire of) would you still limit yourself to one helping of divine ecstasy per week?

We can focus our love to be an expansion instead of a contraction. We can fill up our reality with it like a giant swimming pool. Then we can wriggle and smear it all over ourselves. Wow, that feels good! And when you feel that good, you know that you are helping everyone feel that much better.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pollyanna ? Nope.

A friend commented about this blog to me the other day and the gist of her comment was that she thought this blog was a bit 'pollyanna-ish'. For the record, I'd like to address it.

When I see a middle aged woman wearing a shirt with Winnie the Pooh on it, I cringe and wonder about their level of maturity. Perhaps this blog is like that. Maybe that woman just doesn't care what other's think about her fashion sense anymore and just wants to look at a cartoon character that makes her feel good. Of course, I value peoples' opinions, especially those of my friends but just like that mushball woman, I want to feel good.

A while back, when I was having some chronic pain issues, I discovered that it is impossible for me to sing and feel pain at the same time. Again, one must throw convention out the window here, but with enough pain, that's not a problem. My theory is that the resonance (vibration) created in the body actually causes the firing neurons to loose their focus because the vibration feels so good.

Getting yourself into a 'love state' seems to work in a similar resonant way, although one is able to carry on without stares and potential stays at hospital facilities for the hopelessly happy. In fact one could easilly entertain even the most stodgy heads of state without an apparent clue to their cheerful demeanor or inner focus.

I saw and interesting post about a related practice where one resonates different vowels in different orders to achieve different results. It was on a video site called "Aquarius" but you can only register with an invitiation. (Know anyone who can invite me?) Does it work? I don't know but it's kind of fun!